Think About This

You’ve decided you don’t want to think about it again 🤔

It’s over for you…

You’ve been in Network Marketing for three years without success…

You’ve lost money—It is now water under the bridge.

You sensed you’re bored with “failed” promises of network marketing…

But of what point is pushing for what you don’t understand?

Of what use is hustling to put more block on a wrong foundation?

If you want to be a millionaire and top earner in network marketing— you have to really do it right.

✅Network marketing properly understood is an offshoot of NETWORKING.

What the heck is networking?

👉Simply put—connected for exchange of value.

Everything in Life is based on a network—your brain is a network ,your computer is a network, your business is a network.

Unless maybe you feel more at home with poverty—you pretty much have to engage in networking.

…Because Mega Wealth creation is strictly for networkers.

👉Bill Gates is a networker.
👉Mark Zukerberg is a networker.
👉Dangote is a networker.
👉Jim Ovia is a networker.
👉Otedola is a networker .

✅And your beloved Tunde Adejumo is a networker .

Yet the point most people neglect is this: Before you engage in network marketing, please understand the concept of networking .

…Before you bring people into network marketing team, please first bring them into your network.

But the challenge is that you have a network of poor people ❌

And you can’t make more money than the people in your income bracket—the people who you call when you have a problem.

👉If you want to change your income— you have to change those who influence your life.

✳️For your association determines your outcome.

But for you to attract wealthy people to your network, you have to be a wealth creator too.

And the first step in every wealth creation journey is self-development.

I’ll repeat it because it’s very important: Your self-development is the key factor in your journey to wealth creation.

🔑You can stumble on cash but you cannot stumble on wealth…Wealth is deliberately and intentionally created through a process by leveraging on wealth creation principles.
-Tunde Crown Adejumo

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