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Be free from ,Bacteria Vaginosis,Pelvic Infection, Abnormal smell, Abnormal colour of discharge, Abnormal volume of discharge,Tube Blockage, Irregular Periods, Hormonal Imbalance,Low Progesterone, Low Prolactin, Ovarian Cyst,Vagina dryness and Adenomyosis.

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NOTE:To defeat infertility and reproductive challenges in women,we must separate spirituality from reality.

💃Vaginne Refreshing Intimate Gel is a patented product that is carefully designed to maintain the normal pH value of 3.5 to 4.4 of the Vagina and also bring the woman back to her virgin state.

The Vagina protection system is based on the maintenance of a 3.5 to 4.4 acidic pH.
If the pH of a woman’s Vagina is not normal (that is less than 3.5 or greater than 4.4) there will be bacteria and YEAST INFECTIONS,odour,itching,mentrual irregularities,discharge,dryness etc

NOTE:A healthy Vagina is a Vagina you can comfortably live with as a woman.
If you’re not comfortable with your Vagina because of:
1.Abnormal smell.
2.Abnormal colour of discharge.
3.Abnormal volume of discharge.
These conditions are caused by a condition called BACTERIA VAGINOSIS caused by lack of lactobacilli;use of antibiotics,unprotected sex,douching etc

Vaginne has wiped away the tears of many women by solving every gynecological problems and turning infertility issues to fruitfulness.

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VAGINNE is 100% Natural Fertility Solution For Women.

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