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Who We Are

Tunde Adejumo Global is an International Conglomerate made up of subsidiaries which provide basic human needs and wealth creation services.

Our Mission

To help people around the world to enjoy health freedom, financial freedom, time freedom and location freedom by terminating poverty in their lives using leverage and proven business systems that are built to last.

Our Vision

To be the leading wealth creation service providers in the world.

Meet The C.E.O

Tunde Adejumo is the President and CEO of Tunde Adejumo Global.

He is involved in the daily activities and management of the company’s operations. He is goal-oriented, purpose-driven, and has a passion to impact knowledge that produces financial freedom and wealth creation.

He is a Pastor, A Marriage and Family Therapist, An Aviator, A Business Builder and an Astute Investor.

He is an admirable family man whose simplicity is a marvel to behold and a visionary whose excellence speaks volume.


What Our Clients Say

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