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Our agropreneurship programme focuses on Agriculture and Food production with the mission to feed the nations and supply the world at large with best quality, affordable, healthy and hygienic food products obtainable in the continents of the world.


Generation of wealth through sustainable agriculture-wealth for investors, people, communities and countries in which we partner.

Our aim is to be a leading Agricultural organization known for it’s integrity with focus on food processing and production, farming, agro-processing, consultancy, Logistics and Water production services by providing quality and excellent services and products second to none building a strong financial and revenue base. We are set to provide quality, affordable and top notch services second to none.


  • Chicken (Fresh, Frozen, Whole, Parts)
  • Turkey (Fresh, Frozen, Whole,Parts)
  • Gizzards (Frozen)
  • Chicken Drum Sticks
  • Boneless Chicken Meat
  • Quail (Fresh and Frozen)


  • Poultry processing and packaging
  • Direct Supply and Delivering
  • Food services and more…



Heavy and light duty food/agricultural logistics services:

  • Supply chain management
  • Home delivery management
  • Trans load
  • Warehousing
  • Planning and implementation services
  • Third party logistics services



Providing Food /Agricultural Investment Solutions, Feeding the Nation and the World at large.


  • Agricultural Investment Solutions
  • Preservation and storage solutions
  • Agricultural assessment and project planning
  • Agricultural project management
  • Agricultural training programs and seminars
  • Arable enterprise appraisals
  • Professional Agricultural tours, conferences and seminars
  • Irrigation design and construction
  • Constructions and designs.
  • Equipment/systems procurement, supplies and installations
  • Agronomic expert and soil fertility analysis
  • Organic production
  • Business /enterprise budgets and cash flows /bench marking
  • Farm and Agri-business Consultancy
  • Livestock management and consultancy
  • Farm management and layout design
  • Long term business strategy, including succession planning
  • Packages, marketing and distribution planning
  • Grass and forage management
  • Environmental scheme and farm diversification advice
  • Logistic management and support

We are launching a massive Agricultural support campaign with discounted consultancy service for Agriculture Investors and potential inventors.

Do you want to start a new farm, Food processing and production company, value chain service, Agribusiness and you have no idea about it or started already but facing any form of challenges.

We are here for you, let’s make it happen while you relax:

With our commitment to sustainable Agriculture in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, we are currently working on a solution that will involve using Adaptable Technologies obtainable and workable in sub Saharan Africa to solving our Agricultural challenges… it’s about time.

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