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Tunde Adejumo Global Helps You To Enjoy Health Freedom,Financial Freedom,Time Freedom and Location Freedom By Leveraging On Proven Business Systems That Are Built To Last. Discover More Tunde Adejumo Global

Welcome To Tunde Adejumo Global

Tunde Adejumo Global is an international wealth creation service provider established to build lasting wealth for all by leveraging on proven business systems that are built to last.


We are constantly looking for new ways to be the best at what we do, which is- to help you create wealth.


We are always ready at all cost to provide the necessary information, support and guidance to all our clients.


As well as efficiency, we are driven by excellence, our clients results have proven this.

We Provide Independent Advice Based on Established Research Methods.

We help people around the world to enjoy health freedom, financial freedom, time freedom and location freedom by terminating poverty in their lives using leverage and proven business systems that are built to last.

Real Estate And Properties

In a bid to help individuals and families acquire landed properties and homes, we shall create opportunities for people to invest in our real estate platforms and acquire their dream property in any location of their choice.


Our agropreneurship programme focuses on Agriculture and Food production with the mission to feed the nations and supply the world at large with best quality, affordable, healthy and hygienic food products obtainable in the continents of the world.

Business And Investment Academy

This is a guaranteed wealth creation mentorship academy where you will learn the methodology to structure your business for global relevance, the tactics and tools to generate higher income and the technology of valuable networking.


We don’t believe in “get rich quick” programmes.

We believe in hard work, adding value and creating wealth through legitimate processes.

Our wealth creation principles take a lot of financial intelligence, financial discipline and financial planning.

Our services are intended to help you increase your wealth creation knowledge and to help you  make a difference in the world.

Wealth creation potential is entirely dependent on the person subscribing to our products, ideas, techniques and the effort put forth by the individual.

Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level.

Please don’t enroll in our programme if you believe in the “get rich quick” myth or ideology; we only want serious people who are dedicated to wealth creation principles.

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    Quotes By Tunde Adejumo

    The people who are going to be financially successful in this digital era are those who will do what others will not do in other to have what others will not have in the future.
    Not all of us are born into wealth, but we all have the ability to create wealth and leave generations with a better start to life. It’s time to prosper and ENTER THE REALM OF WEALTH UNLIMITED.
    You can stumble on cash but you cannot stumble on wealth…Wealth is deliberately and intentionally created through a process by leveraging on wealth creation principles.

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